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City Nature Challenge ABQ

We invite everyone in Bernalillo, Sandoval, and Valencia counties to explore nature in and around your community and share your observations from April 30 to May 3, 2021

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It’s easy to participate!

 1.  Set up an account on

 2.  Join our iNaturalist project page 

 3.  Download the app on your mobile device 

 4.  Take and submit your photos of animals and their signs (tracks, scat, feathers, etc.), plants, and fungi you find during the challenge. 

You can also submit your observations and photos via the website. 

Be part of the iNaturalist community and help identify others’ observations and have iNaturalist and its community help you!

City Nature Challenge is a global collaborative effort to find and document wildlife observations of all kinds (birds, insects, plants, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and more) on iNaturalist from April 30th to May 3rd, and help ID sightings through May 9th. Over 400 cities on 6 continents are participating in the 6th annual City Nature Challenge! 

City Nature Challenge and iNaturalist promote community science, in which all of us can participate in exploring and studying nature, and documenting urban biodiversity along with scientists. 

Learn more about the global City Nature Challenge at Stay informed about City Nature Challenge ABQ and find out about upcoming events! This is a great opportunity for folks of all ages to get outside this spring and explore nature. Start making observations now to learn the program--it is amazing how often it will identify what you have spotted right away, but someone may identify it in the days or weeks later, too! 

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City Nature Challenge logo with roadrunner

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Resources for using iNaturalist:
Finding Observations for iNaturalist in your Neighborhood video by CNC ABQ
iNaturalist virtual training recording by CNC ABQ
iNaturalist tutorials

Phoenix has challenged ABQ and Tucson!

Phoenix has challenged both Albuquerque and Tucson to see who can recruit the most participants, make the most observations, and identify the most species. We want Team ABQ to make a good showing and whatever the outcome, we'll be contributing to citizen science and providing data for scientists and communities. Follow the challenge results here starting April 30th! 

While practicing social distancing, wearing a mask and following recommended safety guidelines, the 2021 City Nature Challenge is a great way to spend time and de-stress while learning about urban biodiversity. Learn more at here

Join a Team!
Several groups around the area have formed teams and are recruiting participants here

Want to compete as a team? Email with your team name & logo/photo for the project banner, if you and your organization/department/class/troop/group want to compete against other teams on our iNaturalist team leaderboard. You can have anyone (volunteers, friends, family, etc.) join your team, and it doesn't take any extra work besides joining your team's project on iNaturalist.

CNC ABQ Partner Events:
April 30- May 3 at Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area in Belen: CNC Hikes and Earth Day Science Fiesta w/ Valencia Soil & Water Conservation District Flyer   Register for hikes   Fb Event
May 3, 8:30pm at Peidras Marcadas park: Gecko Hunt w/ NM Herpetological Society  Fb Event

CNC ABQ Partner ID Events:
May 4, 6-7pm: Virtual Herp ID event w/ NM Herpetological Society Registration   Fb Event
May 5, 6-7pm: Virtual Bird ID event w/ Audubon Southwest Registration   Fb Event
May 6, 3:30 pm: Virtual Bug ID event w/ ABQ BioPark Registration   Fb Event
May 6, 7 pm: Phoenix ID Party Registration (to both compete and collaborate, we're sharing each others' ID events)
May 7, 3:00 pm Virtual Plant ID event w/ UNM Biology  Registration   Fb Event

Don't forget to join our project for announcements about events!